Streamline your business processes easily and effectively with innovative solutions

Using our expertise to integrate Virtual Infrastructure with Cloud Automation, we deliver Self-Service Portals (vRA) for our customers to centrally provision and manage virtual machines across multi-vendor hypervisor and cloud environments (Amazon and Openstack) and streamline business processes.

We also leverage the API's of third-party software to automate Day-0 provisioning and Day-2 operations for a virtual machine, improving the manageability and operational costs. Application teams can be benefited as well by leveraging vRAcapabilities. We use vRAApplication Services with the help of our Development team, to create Application Blueprints to fulfil our customer's requirements. These Application Blueprints contain the structure of the application, their dependencies and configurations for custom and packaged applications, which can be deployed by a drag-and-drop interface and portable across VMware and Public clouds.