End User Computing and Work Style Innovation with Net One Asia


Concerning End Users
The Changing Behaviour of End Users
For more than 15 years, Net One Asia (NOA) has been in the business of End User Computing (EUC) by providing secure access to apps and data from a virtualised platform via an endpoint regardless of the end users’ location. We started to notice more business applications becoming ‘mobile friendly’ towards our customer’s end users. Such changes are necessary to support the end users’ preferred way of working, even though there are still ‘thick’ application clients who form a key part of an organisation’s critical business applications. This inevitable aspect of digital transformation caused us to view EUC in a completely new perspective. 

The Apps AGM
Configure and Integrate on the Big Three Mobile OS
If there ever was an Annual General Meeting session for all applications to go mobile, the key criteria would lie right in its initials: AGM, for Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Or rather, their main mobile operating systems. It is vital that EUC Vendors have robust support on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile. Our capabilities in integration and configuration work on external software onto iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile are an integral part of our Digital Work Style Innovation – EUC services.

Work Style Innovation (EUC) – The Sidekick of Digital Transformation
The Digital Transformation that leads to Business Transformation
EUC forms an integral part of Digital Transformation simply because it involves the end users, with both internal (employees themselves) and external (adopter customers) users. The attainment of a superior end user experience as a desired outcome will invariably lead to business transformation.

Our Education Minister, Mr. Ong Ye Kung once shared about the time he went to Changi Terminal 4 and noted the entire onboarding process was fully automated, with passengers able to self check-in luggage and get boarding tickets at a kiosk without interacting with a single human being. When he asked the CEO of Changi Airport Group how much manpower the company saved in total, he learned to his surprise that it only amounted to about 10%. This was because the counter staff was ‘shifted’ to the frontline such as customer service, which made for better face-to-face engagement with passengers. 

The closer a business is to their customers, the better it is for both of them. Think about it: the kiosks that enable digital interaction also provide better customer engagement. This is an offshoot of Work Style Innovation powered by EUC. 

NOA – Our Work Style Innovation (EUC) Approach
4 : 3 : 4 to DX
In this highly competitive business environment, the need for businesses to undergo digital transformation so that it can be nearer to their customers will no doubt give them a competitive advantage. NOA has formulated some key approaches in utilising EUC technology to kickstart this ‘shift’. In my next article, I will elaborate further on our 4 : 3 : 4 to DX approach. Stay tuned!

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