Modernise Your Digital Infrastructure with Net One Asia.

As we enter an era of transformational IT, technology is no longer about keeping up with the pace of business. It is about driving innovation, accelerating outcomes and creating a better customer experience. IT is taking center stage today as a strategic investment. Leveraging technology to add true business value that creates differentiation for customers is the hallmark of a modern and progressive IT leadership.

In order for organisations to deliver unprecedented value to customers , while remaining differentiated in a defensible market position, they must understand and build the right mix of technology around both objectives.

As a leading IT solutions provider with vast experience , advanced competencies and a culture of customer success obsession, Net One Asia is well positioned to help organisations accelerate their digital futures.

Automation / Multicloud

Advance rapid and agile innovation with the right set of automation and cloud platforms.

Operations Management

Simplify your IT operations and achieve optimisation and efficiency with complete visibility and a self-regulating environment.


Do more with less and optimise your hardware assets with our best of breed solutions.

Backup & Storage Modernisation

Reduce costs and automate your data protection needs with our modern approach.

Network & Security

Ensuring your network optimisation and securing your workloads without compromising performance. We connect you to your customers, suppliers and staffs with the best experience.

Modern Apps

Accelerate your application delivery , improve collaboration with our DevOps practice.