A New Paradigm for Preventing Mobile Threats

SandBlast Mobile protects against threats to the OS, apps, and network. It offers the industry’s highest threat catch rate without impacting performance or user experience.​

Mobile devices are critical to every organization’s digital transformation, enabling employees to work when and from where they want, increasing productivity and efficiency. Nonetheless, they have also become the new back door to organizations, leaving corporate data at risk.

With our industry-leading solution SandBlast Mobile, Check Point offers real-time threat prevention to enterprises, allowing employees to safely conduct business using their mobile devices:

  • Blocks zero-day malware
  • Prevents phishing on all apps
  • Blocks devices from sending data to botnets
  • Prevents infected devices from accessing corporate apps
  • Mitigates threats without relying on management platforms
  • Integrates with all market-leading UEMs


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