Proud To Present Our New Logo


Last year we announced the Strategic investment from Net One Systems Japan in Asiasoft Group, to accelerate mutual business growth in Asia (see Press Release). Since then we have been working on a strategic regional business plan and based on this, Net One Systems recently made their second round of investment. To show the commitment and growth in our alliance, it is my pleasure to present our new logo. ​

With Net One’s support we can grow our solutions portfolio and further develop our skillset to deliver solutions in Cloud, Networking and IoT technologies. The current regional presence of Asiasoft Solutions in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia combined with Net One’s footprint in Japan gives us a good basis to expand our business in Asia, while we maintain our strong relationships with both clients and partners in the region.

We are looking forward to deliver our joint strategy with Net One Systems, and to deliver many innovative and successful projects to our customers in Singapore and the rest of Asia.

James Lee, CEO Asiasoft Group

Website: NetOne Systems